Here at Origins, we take the utmost care to ensure that our tattoo room and all equipment involved in the tattoo process is as sterile and sanitary as it can possibly be. For example,


  • Our artists use disposable nitrile gloves (latex free) for all tattoos. These gloves are changed throughout the procedure to avoid contamination of the client and surfaces in the tattoo room.
  • Our tattoo needles are purchased pre-sterilized from companies that are required to perform stringent monitoring and documentation of their sterilisation processes. Needles are disposed of immediately after the tattoo is performed. Needles are never used more than once.
  • Any implements that are not disposable, such as tattoo tubes, are cleaned, disinfected and autoclave-sterilized on a 134° sterilisation cycle prior to use. An autoclave is the same device used by hospitals, doctors, and dentists to sterilize equipment. Autoclave sterilization is the only way to ensure that all equipment is properly sterilized and safe to use on you.
  • Items that may need to be touched during the tattoo are covered with barrier film to prevent contamination. These barriers are disposed of when the tattoo is finished.





We specialise in custom tattoos - if you'd like something unique, then come into the studio with some ideas and reference images and have a consultation with one of our artists. They will then draw up a custom design for you, which you can then review until you have the perfect tattoo design for you.


If you're considering getting a tattoo, chances are you already have a design idea in mind. The best thing to do then is to research some relevant imagery to help you get ideas until you find a design you love. If you find a design online that you would like tattooed exactly as is, then we are happy to do that unless it is a custom design done by another artist, in which case we would have to change the design out of respect for the original artist.


We also have some custom flash sheet designs in the studio for small tattoos, so come and have a look if you're interested!


In the mean time, check out previous work from our artists for some inspiration.





If you've had a look through our artists page and decide the style of a particular artist is perfect for your tattoo, then feel free to request them when you book your appointment. Otherwise, when you come in to discuss your design, we will figure out who the best artist would be for your specific needs.





  • Make sure you get a good nights sleep, have breakfast and drink some water beforehand so your body is prepared for your tattoo session. Having low blood sugar or being dehydrated during the tattoo process may make you light-headed or susceptible to fainting. If you do feel light-headed at any stage while getting your tattoo, be sure to let your artist know right away.
  • Do not drink any alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to getting your tattoo. This will thin your blood and will make you bleed more while getting tattooed, and may have a negative effect on the final appearance of your tattoo.
  • Make sure to inform your artist of any skin or health conditions that you suffer from.





Everyone has different thresholds for pain, so the experience of getting a tattoo will vary from person to person. How painful it is will also depend on where on your body you have chosen to get tattooed. So yes, it will hurt a bit, but probably not as much as you may think. Remember that the anticipation is usually worse than the actual procedure, so just try and relax as much as possible and you'll be fine - remember to breathe. It helps to bring a distraction, so feel free to bring an ipad or headphones with you!


If you're in a lot of pain while getting tattooed, there's nothing wrong with asking your artist if you can take a quick break. We're here to try and make sure that you're as comfortable as possible.







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