AFTERCARE ➵ HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR NEW PIERCING It is your responsibility to keep the piercing location clean. Bleeding, swelling, tenderness & crust can all be expected to begin with - this is completely normal! We recommend taking ARNICA TABLETS (30c) to help reduce any swelling or bruising - these are an anti-inflammatory with no side effects or overdose limit, so you can take as many as you feel you need. These tablets are available to buy at the Origins studio. DO NOT put any products in, near or around it that you wouldn't put in an open wound (your piercing is a wound, please treat it like one!). Any products will irritate your piercing and prolong healing. DO NOT touch, twist, turn, move, or pick your piercing! You will only pull dirt & debris into the healing wound, creating more swelling, scar tissue & prolong healing. If the location must be touched, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands prior. DO NOT submerge your piercing in pools, lakes, or hot tubs and avoid long exposure to the sun and tanning beds. Keep the piercing away from exposure to pet hair & any foreign bodily fluids, e.g. kissing, sexual activity Avoid using any products containing alcohol or perfumes as these will dry out the skin. Once your piercings initial swelling settles down & has had a sufficient amount of time to establish itself within the body, you should down-size your jewellery to a more fitted piece as soon as possible (normally about 2 months after the initial piercing). ➵ PIERCING SUMMER CARE Piercings love the sunshine but just be aware that sunburn and piercings do not mix! Be sure to still regularly clean fresh/healing piercings during the summer months and if you are off on holiday be aware of the sand, sea, and swimming pools with your healing piercings! Piercings love the constant temperature, as it promotes circulation and most people find piercings heal faster in the summer. Remember to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and promote healthy healing. If you have any concerns about how your piercing is healing, would like some advise, or would like some help changing your jewellery, then feel free to drop into the studio !

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