Cosmetic tattooing benefits a variety of people with a variety of needs for both men and women. Maybe you desire the freedom from the inconvenience of applying makeup on a daily basis or are too busy with no time to apply makeup. People who have thinning, patched or no brows could benefit from having the eyebrow tattooing procedure as well as those who have maybe undergone chemotherapy or suffer with alopecia could also benefit.


Eyebrow tattooing is by far the most popular procedure for both women and men for a variety of reasons from enhancing your natural eyebrow shape to adding the impression of more fullness and can even hide scars within the eyebrow.


By using superior topical anaesthetics throughout the procedure we can make the process more comfortable and as ‘pain free’ as possible for you. A patch test will be required before any treatment can be booked.


FREE consultations and patch test available for all cosmetic makeup procedures prior to any booking.


For further information about the procedures or to discuss what you would like to achieve with cosmetic tattooing, come into the studio and see Rio.


Below are some example of previous cosmetic tattooing by Rio:



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